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Detached oak garage in Sonning, Berkshire

This is the build log of a bespoke oak building – a two-bay oak framed garage in Sonning, Berkshire.

This building is a low-ridge design measuring approx. 6.25m wide x 5.5m deep with a roof pitch of 35°. The cat-slide to the rear keeps the total ridge height below 4m for planning purposes. The building is clad with black-stained Scottish Spruce and the roof is covered with clay tiles to match the house.

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bare skeleton 2 bay
double oak garage

the Details

This build features an oak frame, softwood stud work / black cladding / softwood rafters. The black sectional garage doors add a nice touch and blend in well with the black cladding.

The client has also treated the oak frame with UV resistant oil – this will help maintain the original colour of the oak and should prevent it from greying. The black cladding and mixed roof tiles match the houses on the private estate.

You can just see the rafter tails poking out from beneath our oak fascia board – we pride ourselves on fitting oak fascia to all of our buildings.

no rafters on oak frame
Looking good through the gates

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